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Desabafos Agridoces

"Enfim, bonito e estranho, desconfio que bonito porque estranho"

Desabafos Agridoces

"Enfim, bonito e estranho, desconfio que bonito porque estranho"

Filmes: tigres, abelhas e beija-flores

(Demorou algum tempo a arrancar, mas aqui estão os três primeiros filmes de 2022)


B1 (1).jpg


Vuelven (2017)

Issa López

"A dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war"

(Tirado do IMDb)


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Beolsae (2018)

Bora Kim

"Set in 1994 in Seoul, a touching coming-of-age drama centered around the quiet eighth-grader Eun-Hee. Struggling to make passing grades and subject to non-stop screaming at home, she spends her time finding meaning in the love and friendships of her peers, in shoplifting, and in karaoke bars (...) Then her new Chinese teacher turns out to be so utterly different from everybody else"

(Tirado do IMDb e daqui)


B3 (1).jpg


Medena zemja (2019)

Tamara Kotevska e Ljubomir Stefanov

"Hatidze utilizes ancient beekeeping traditions to cultivate honey in the mountains of North Macedonia. When a neighboring family tries to do the same, it becomes a source of tension as they disregard her wisdom and advice"


Filmes: os últimos de 2021

[Estava tão orgulhosa do facto de até agora não ter achado nenhum dos filmes que vi uma perda de tempo. Mas desta selecção não gostei do último. Não consigo entender como é que isto pode ter sido nomeado para um Óscar...yuck. Felizmente os outros dois valeram a pena]



Nora Twomey


"Parvana is an 11-year-old girl who lives under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 2001. After the wrongful arrest of her father, Parvana cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy to support her family. Working alongside a friend, she soon discovers a new world of freedom and danger."

(Tirado do Rotten Tomatoes)




Amma Asante


"A história verídica de Dido Elizabeth Belle (1761-1804), que cumpriu um importante papel na abolição da escravatura em Inglaterra. Filha ilegítima de um capitão da Marinha Real com uma escrava africana, após a morte da sua mãe, ela vai morar em Inglaterra para ser criada pelo tio e tornar-se uma dama da aristocracia (...) tendo que enfrentar os preconceitos da sociedade"





"When slaughterhouse workers Endre and Mária discover they share the same dreams, where they meet in a forest as deer and fall in love, they decide to make their dreams come true, but it's difficult in real life"

(Tirado do IMDb) 


Filmes: guerras e prisões




"The title of 13th refers to the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, which abolished slavery in the United States but whose language also allows for slavery to remain legal as a punishment for convicted criminals. In her documentary, DuVernay explores the rise of mass incarceration, how it unfairly trends towards people of color, and what the ramifications have been for communities of color across the United States"

(Tirado daqui)




The Ascent 

Larisa Shepitko


"Two Soviet partisans leave their starving band to get supplies from a nearby farm. The Germans have reached the farm first, so the pair must go on a journey deep into occupied territory, a voyage that will also take them deep into their souls."

(Tirado daqui)


C4 (1).jpg


The Last Stage

Wanda Jakubowska


"Martha Weiss, a Jew, is sent to Auschwitz with her family. On the first day of their arrival Martha is, by a coincidence, chosen as an interpreter but her entire family is killed. Waiting for the Red Army to deliver them from the prison camp, the film depicts Martha and her friends' struggling life (...) Shot on location and based on the true experiences of Jakubowska as a prisoner, is the first feature film about Nazi concentration camps"

(Tirado do IMDb)

Filmes: especial bruxas

B1 (2).jpg


 Rachel Lears


"In 2018, a young bartender in the Bronx, a coal miner’s daughter in West Virginia, a grieving mother in Nevada and a registered nurse in Missouri join a movement of insurgent candidates challenging powerful incumbents in Congress. Without political experience or corporate money, these four women are attempting to do what many consider impossible"

(Sinopse tirada daqui)


B2 (5).jpg


 Josephine Decker


 "Shirley combines real events from Jackson’s life – such as her relationship with her academic husband, the university town they live in and her battles with alcohol and agoraphobia – with a fictitious story about two students coming to live at her home while she wrote her second novel, Hangsaman"

(Adaptado daqui)


B3 (4).jpg


Anna Biller


"Elaine, a beautiful young witch, is determined to find a man to love her. In her gothic Victorian apartment she makes spells and potions, then picks up men and seduces them. However, her spells work too well..."

(Sinopse tirada do Rotten Tomatoes)


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